CFLW Cyber Strategies creates solutions at the intersection of strategy and technology. Co-creation, capacity building, capability roadmaps, feasibility studies, concept development and experimentation are typical approaches to realize innovations with the right sense of impact and timing. We are active within various international networks and with a global reach. We have a strong presence in Europe and Southeast Asia, from the Netherlands, Singapore and Vietnam respectively. Solutions are developed based on our long track record, international experience, technical foundation, sense of diplomacy and time-to-market.

Challenges with regard to Dark Web, Blockchain and IoT Security have our focus. Our solutions are based on in-depth expertise in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analysis and IT innovation. Concrete solutions that we develop:

  • Dark Web Monitor
  • Blockchain Security Solutions
  • Cyber-enabled Financial Crime analytics
  • Usability in Cyber Security
  • IoT Security Dialogues
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